Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Password keeper

If you've read my blog a few years ago you may remember how much I love BlackBerry's password keeper app. I have used it for years and still do almost daily. I've been asked on several occasion if password keeper is available on Android and if any information will be lost switching over to a Dtek or KEYone (or Priv).  

The short answer is that PK is available on android and yes you can backup and transfer all your data safely and securely over to your new Android device (not just the BlackBerry models). 

On #BlackBerry10, swipe down and select settings. Select export records, secure your backup with a password and export it to your device or media card. On your Android device install your media car then download and install PK from Google play.  Open the app and establish your password for PK.  Once open, select the 4 lines (top left) and select settings. Select import/export and navigate to the location you saved your backup (on your media card).  Enter your backup file password and everything will be copied over!  (Sorry I can't screen capture in the Android app) 

The features are pretty much identical on both #BlackBerry10 and Android versions of the app so you should feel right at home. 

Plenty of things I still miss about #BlackBerry10...but at least Password Keeper isn't one of them!