Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On a Mission...

So, a local radio host was invited to the Torch launch party I attended last Monday and was given a free Torch to use. One BIG problem....he's a Iphone guy. Not that there's anything wrong with that :-D

So, I heard him on the radio talking about the party and how he didn't think he was going to try the phone at all. Well, being the BlackBerry addict that I am, I immediately contacted him via Twitter and told him he should really give it a try.

I have since been in contact with him several more times, and it would appear that I have managed to convince him to try it out.

Hmmmmm. I'll let you know how it turns out :-)


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Toronto BB 9800 Torch launch party!

I was invited to the VIP Torch launch party in Toronto on Monday. This was a private function with many of Toronto's elite in attendence. It was held at the Dolce Social Ballroom in downtown Toronto.

With plenty of celebrities from Toronto's television and music scene on hand, as well as the blogger elite, we were treated to a great time. There were plenty of staff on hand showing people the virtues of the new 9800 handset, and the power of the new OS 6. @ambermac was on hand doing a live video stream of the event as well as having her Twitter feed up on a larger than life Torch. There was an artist painting large murals of the Torch on the wall, as well as a DJ taking requests via BBM!

After a quick welcome speech from the marketing team, we were all invited to go upstairs on the patio. Once up there we were treated to more eye candy. Above the bar was a 50' TV screen showing all the tweets containing the #Torch tag. There was also a DJ playing music using 2 Torch 9800's!

We were then treated to the best thing of all. All attending were given a free BlackBerry 9800! As if this wasn't enough, we were also given a BlackBerry bluetooth gateway!

All in all, it was a great party and a fabulous way to bring the new Torch 9800 to Toronto!


It all started with this...

So, I used to be just a BlackBerry (power) user.  Until one day something happened to me that changed the way I felt about my trusty device.  I posted an article on Crackberry.com telling the tales of that day.  Most thought it was a great story, some thought I was full of $h!t.  Truth be told, it did sound a bit over the top.  But it was all true. 

That day has turned in to a new hobby of mine.  I love my BB, and I want to help others love their BB's too!

Check out the full story here: http://crackberry.com/seen-any-blackberry-barcodes-lately-while-out-and-about


This is a test of the new all about my bb Blog site !