Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bedside mode

So if your BlackBerry is anything like mine, it is a virtual symphony of buzzes and beeps and music. I have different ringtones for my most used contacts, and different vibrations for each email account I have. Add in tones for BBM and Facebook and you'll understand what I mean.

Problem is my BlackBerry charges beside my bed and I certainly don't need all that noise when I'm sleeping. Enter Bedside mode. Since OS 4.6 this little known feature is designed to keep your BlackBerry quiet when not required.

How to find it:

Locate the clock icon on your desktop and click on it. The clock face will pop up on your screen. Hit the menu button, and select options. You'll see a similar menu as pictured. Under the while charging menu select enter bedside mode. Once you select this a few extra options will show including the time settings. As you can see from my settings, if I charge my BlackBerry anytime after 11pm it will automatically enter bedside mode.

Now scroll down a little bit in the same clock options screen. These settings tell the phone what to do when in bedside mode. As you can see from the second picture, I disable the LED, dim the screen, and switch my profile to silent. If you check off the disable radio, your phone will not receive and emails, BBM or phone calls. Let's say you wanted to have no emails or messages, but still need to have your phone working? Select the phone only profile instead of silent.

This will keep your BlackBerry quiet when you need it to be, and as soon as you unplug your phone from the charger it goes right back to normal again!

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