Sunday, October 24, 2010

New project...The OMAberry

So, since I became a BlackBerry abuser I have converted many others to my illness :-D

In the past I have even gone so far as to "loan" a good friend one of my old BlackBerrys to try out for a bit. The result is always the same, a new BlackBerry abuser ;-)

My list of converted folks includes:
My wife, my 2 sons, my BFF and at least 10 or so friends. But never have I ever attempted something like this. My mother just turned 70, and while at her house for her birthday party I noticed her VERY old Nokia flip phone. A couple of years ago, for her birthday I bought a small micro SD card and put some music on it. She plays it every day while walking the dog. But now I was actually considering giving my 70 year old Mom a BlackBerry? Am I nuts? My Mom has never been much of a techie, but she enjoys and adapts pretty well :-D

So I dug out an old BlackBerry 8900, made a quick trip to a local vendor and purchased a new purple (her favorite colour) housing. I spent the night setting it all up for her. Hid the icons she doesn't need, put a cool desktop picture for her and called Rogers to get a data plan put on her line.
The next day, I drove by my moms house and presented my gift. She was even more worried than I was :-)

I swapped out her SIM card and Micro SD card. I also setup her BIS account and her BBM. I then showed her how the phone and music works (as that's what she uses the most). I also quickly showed her how to use the camera.

I left her for a week to feel out the phone, and become comfortable with its operation....

And today, I received a sign that I had done the right thing...

I got a BBM from my Mom!

How cool is that :-)

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