Friday, October 22, 2010

Show your BBM friends what you're listening to!

So, I would hope that you have long since stopped carrying your ipod and just put all your music on your BlackBerry. Its a pretty straight forward thing to do. Most new BlackBerrys come with a small (4 gig) micro SD card. If not, an 8 gig is $20 at most retailers. OS 6 has brought the media player pretty close to ipod levels. But your BlackBerry is so much more :-)
One of favorite "little" things since OS 4.6 has been the inclusion in the BBM options, to show what music you're listening to. It basically broadcasts the title and artist of the song in your status window for all your BBM contacts to see. It can be quite the conversation starter!
To enable this option, in BBM select your profile. Just below your PIN is a checkbox that says show what I'm listening to.
That's it!


  1. I don't see a little box that says show what I'm listening to :(

  2. As mentioned above, its for OS 4.6 and above WITH BBM 5. If you don't have BOTH, you won't have that option. :-(