Tuesday, November 30, 2010

P.S.A. Remote backup your BBM contacts!

Sure, you all take a few mins of your week to plug your BlackBerry into your computer to do a backup RIGHT? :s

What would happen if you lost your BlackBerry? Or if it got stolen? No backup? Ouchy! A quick device switch with no backup means you loose everything.

If you're like most people, you store your email on a computer, so there is a copy available somewhere. But what about BBM? The thought of losing all your contacts on BBM is a terrifying thing! Did you know there was an option to backup all your BBM contacts remotely. (for free!)

Since the release of BBM 5.0 buried in the options menu of BBM, there is a remote backup option. You can do either a local backup or a remote backup using one of the email address' that come to your BlackBerry.

How to do it:
In the main BBM window, hit the menu key, and select options. Scroll down about halfway and you'll see the contact list backup. To backup locally (to your device) select local. This is a one time thing and will not continually update as you make changes. To backup remotely, select remote backup, then select one of your email address' from the list. Your BlackBerry will send a confirmation email to yourself to confirm its a legit email address (and associated to your BlackBerry).

Once this is done, you will be able to transfer your BBM contact list from one device to another quickly and easily via the remote restore feature. You'll never be without your BBM BFF's ever again :-D


  1. I backed mine up remotely and now my phone is broken and won't switch on, the only option is to wipe it. But I never got a confirmation email to the email address I chose and now I'm scared that it didn't back up.. Help please?

  2. Hmmmm. Never heard of that happening before. Does desktop manager recognize the phone at all?

    You won't see the confirmation email for remote backup. It stays hidden.

    Good luck.