Saturday, January 1, 2011

AutoText/Word Substitution

In your everyday use of your BlackBerry, you may notice that some pretty cool things happen when you type. If you type the letter I it automatically capitalizes. If you press the space bar twice a period will go behind your last word, and the first letter of your next word is capitalized. It can also fix misspelled words like acn (can) and will change alot to its proper form: a lot. There are some hidden ones too. Try typing mypin or mynumber or myver and see what happens :-)

Did you know that you can add things to the list? Small additions to your AutoText can make typing much quicker. One of my favorites that I created for myself are smiley faces. I created short cuts for
:-P  :-(   :-)   :-D
To use when typing in BBM or an email. Having to use the alt key to get at these keys is a pain. So I use "words" to create them. For example hud = :-D and hup = :-P and huy = :-)
 I even made a FU = (•͡. •͡)┌П┐

I also use d to make the word "the". In the attached pics you can see that I also made one for bb (BlackBerry, with the proper capitalization).

It can also be used in BBM for all those hidden emoticons that were posted on the internet a while back.  The bblogo and boombox in the above picture.

How to make one:
In OS4.5 and OS5

Click options, then click AutoText. Once in this window, take a look at all the existing entries, so you know what is already there. Then to create a new entry, click the menu ( ) and select NEW. Enter under "Replace" the word you wish to replace (like bb). Then enter under the "With" the replacement word. Smartcase will capitalize the word if its at the beginning of a sentence. Specified case will leave the word exactly as it appears in the "With" section.

In OS6

From the home screen, type word sub and click on the Options icon. From there is exactly the same as above.

You can use this to replace your initials with your full name or even for a website url. If you create them as you think of them, it can make your typing a lot quicker :-)