Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hiding Pictures (and unhiding them)

Have you ever taken a picture with your BlackBerry that you really didn't want to show up when you (or your friends) browse your phone?  Did you ever take a "private" picture that you sent to a special person, but want it hidden from plain sight?  Whatever reason you may have (I'm not judging ;-) for wanting a picture, video or file hidden, here is how!  The method is the same for a picture, video or file just the location of the file will change. 

Go in to your media folder, select pictures and locate the picture you wish to hide.  Highlight the name of the file and press the menu key (BB button).  Select "properties".  From here you will see all the file info, including name, size date created, and at the very bottom a small checkbox that says "hidden".  To hide the file simply check this box.  When you exit out of the folder the file will be hidden.

Ok, now that we've hid it, lets go find it!

Open the media folder, push the menu button and select "explore".  This opens a file browser similar to the  last image attached.  hit the menu button once more and select "show hidden".  Now navigate through the folders and find your file.  If it was a picture you hid it will be in either BlackBerry/pictures folder, or BlackBerry/camera folder on OS6 devices.  A video will appear in the BlackBerry/video folder.  

Once you've done this a couple of times it actually becomes quite easy to do.  Please drop a comment if this article helped you.  Check us out on Twitter @allaboutmybb