Tuesday, May 8, 2012

BlackBerry Fan Of The Month for May 2012!!!

I have been named BlackBerry Fan Of The Month ( #BlackBerryFOTM ) for the month of May!  I received an email a few weeks back from RIM asking me if I would accept this award (duh!).  I was interviewed via telephone and asked a whole bunch of questions.  I spent almost an hour talking with the marketing reps, and could have talked longer!  I'm sure they thought I was crazy!  It truly is an honour (yes I AM Canadian) to be nominated for this award.  Anyone who has met me knows what a true #TeamBlackBerry fan I am, and this title just seems to fit :-)

BTW I still have a few #TeamBlackBerry T-shirts left if you wish to purchase one.  DM and we'll talk.

You can read the BlackBerry Fan Of The Month page Here and the Facebook page Here

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  1. Mark, congratulation for the award. The monthly award does not suit you, it should be annual or hall of fame. Its your dedication and first and foremost, is your spirit of exploring and sharing what you know. With such qualities, I am sure that you will thrive in any environment. Cheers