Friday, May 18, 2012

Have your BlackBerry save your voicemail password

Here is a quick little tip for those of you with a voicemail package on your BlackBerry.  Some people are unaware that their BlackBerry smartphone can remember their voicemail password.  This makes for much quicker and simpler process than having to enter your password each time you dial into your voicemail.  The process is similar on all OS from 5 and up.  (Shown here is my OS 7.1)

Here is how to do it:

Go to the phone app (you can do this by pressing the green phone button or by locating the phone icon on your desktop). Once in the phone app, press the menu button and select options.

Now from the list select Voicemail (change voicemail credentials).  You should see two areas to enter information. The upper is the actual phone number your BlackBerry calls to check your voicemail (so don't change it!). The second is the password. Just enter your voicemail password here.  
Now press the menu button again, select save and you are done!

Test it by holding down the Q or 1 key (you did know you could do that right?)  

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