Saturday, March 16, 2013

Back in Black! (BlackBerry By Choice Part II)

Back last September I asked a good friend of mine (long time BlackBerry user who switched) to leave her iPhone4s behind and attempt to use a BlackBerry Bold 9900.  Read about it here.

Needless to say the experiment failed, as I had anticipated it would.  I was questioned by people asking why I didn't wait for BlackBerry 10 to arrive BEFORE asking her to come back to #TeamBlackBerry. It was quite simply a matter of opportunity.  I had a spare 9900 lying around, and she was getting tired of typing on her iPhone :-)

Now here we are again!  BlackBerry 10 is here and guess what?  She's trying again!  A brand new shiny Z10 is all set up and delivered to her.  I think this time around things will be better.  We now have BlackBerry Link to sync her iTunes quickly and easily, and the form factor of the Z10 is very similar to the iPhone4s.  To me it is a much more equal comparison this time around.  There are also lots of games in BlackBerry World for her to entertain her child.

Will she stay this time around?  Or will she once again go running back to the dark side?  Time will tell.  I know I will enjoy having her back on BBM, if only for another couple of months :-)

Stay tuned!

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  1. Let us know the follow up. I also am a BlackBerry supporter and now I am typing on a Bold 9900 and I am looking forward the 10s are available in Brazil soon, specially the Q10.