Saturday, March 2, 2013

Butt dialing with your Z10 (and save battery life too)

 I was speaking to a client the other day who had just upgraded from his old BlackBerry 9000 to a brand new Z10. I was asking how he liked it and one of his "complaints" (aside from getting used to OS 10) was that he keeps butt dialing people. Now me, having used a holster (yes uncool) for my entire BlackBerry life have never ever butt dialed anyone. When I asked if he used a case or holster he quickly replied no. So basically he was placing the device in his pocket, and the movement in his pocket would unlock the device and dial the phone.

Here's how I solved his problem. BlackBerry 10 has a unique swipe to unlock feature that I personally really like. But it can be turned off, allowing unlocking of the device using ONLY the top power button. To do this, swipe down the main settings screen. Tap display and the toggle off "Allow gestures when Locked".

 That's it! I have read some people mentioning that this will also help battery life a bit too. Let us know in the comments if it works out for you.


  1. Thats how I keep my Dev A from butt dialing...

  2. Even with the swipe feature disabled, the Z10 unlocks itself when a call is received. If I don't hear it, the motion in my pocket keeps it unlocked and the butt dialing continues. I once butt emailed my boss and butt attached a butt photo!

  3. You should always use a case, even if it's just a pocket case. They stop the problem cold. "But I hate cases!" Suck it up buttercup. Fix the problem or get used to kissing asses with apologies.