Sunday, November 30, 2014

BlackBerry Passport. My thoughts after 2 months

photo via @Crackberry
I'm sure my FaceBook friends are getting tired of all my BlackBerry talk, but I wanted to share my thoughts on this device after using it exclusively for two months.

I won't lie. Leading up to the launch I really wasn't looking forward to this device. I found the shape odd and didn't yearn for a physical keyboard at all after using full touch phones for well over 5 years. I was totally in love with my Z30 and honestly didn't see myself liking the Passport. So already bias going in to the test.

The day of the launch I was handed a Passport of my very own. My first thoughts were WOW this is big, and heavier than my Z30. The square display was beautiful to read and felt more like a computer screen than a phone. Definitely weird. The next day I switched devices. The switch was easy, but I left my Z30 ready to go at a moments notice if I decided to go back to it.

Funny thing is, I never did. I picked it up a few times and opened an app or two to remind myself of how it looked and felt. Nope, I didn't miss it.

What I love:

 This battery is amazing! I'm a social media guy. Instagram, two twitter accounts, FaceBook and a couple of BBM channels. I run my business all day, speak to family, clients and staff via phone and BBM for 8-9 hours a day all while keeping up on social media. At home I switch to Dad mode and keep at it. I can get 16+ hours of HARD usage on this thing without charging it. I've never been able to do that before.

The screen. This seems odd. I didn't like it at first, but after some time I absolutely love it. Every other device seems tiny and harder to read. I have not come across an app that is unusable with this screen. Even my favourite game, Cut the rope looks and works great. This screen is great in direct sunlight too.

The keyboard. If you didn't know, the keyboard is touch sensitive. Like a giant trackpad. You can scroll up and down in apps. You can flick type suggested words the same way as any other BlackBerry 10 device, which in case you didn't know is THE best keyboard on a phone. I didn't realize that I missed speed dialing from the keyboard and instant searching by just typing on the home screen.

The camera is great, takes great photos, and once taken photos are super easy to share everywhere quickly.

The HUB. I'll never give this up. It is great to have all your notifications in one place and be able to reply to everything without ever having to open an app.

BlackBerry Blend. This new software runs on your computer and allows you to see and interact with all your BBM, emails, texts and calendar on your computer. Sure this is available on other platforms, but the key is that NOTHING is actually stored on the computer. No cloud uploads. Nothing. This may mean nothing to you, but there are a few people who's naked photos ended up on the Internet who may disagree.

Apps: with the newest OS 10.3 (coming to older devices in January) a new app store is available. The Amazon app store has tons of new apps that run on BlackBerry. There are a few still missing, but for the most part, they're all there.

The appearance of the device itself. Sounds weird because you'd think this was a negative as opposed to a positive. Here's why: I love to talk BlackBerry. You can't use this thing without people noticing it and asking questions about it. Everyone who sees it and gets my demo is impressed.

What I don't like:

 There really isn't much I don't like. The only issue I have is that one handed typing is difficult. I used to do this a lot. The physical width of the device limits this.

It is big. But not as big as a Samsung Note, so it can be a little hard to carry, but it fits in Jean pockets just fine. I found a holster for my belt and that works for me.

How much do I like it? So much that I've just ordered a Red one!
This one will go to my wife now. I'm curious to see how she likes it.

This device certainly won't be for everyone, but I sure know it suits me very well.

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